Light Archaeology Methods



Urban transformations are by nature dynamic. They have in fact a duration, and a material transformation of the urban environment might work as a trigger for further changes, planned or unplanned, both in the short and in the long terms. For instance, it is worth considering the role played by pre-existing material remains and settings, in the site-formation processes in the longue durée.

For understanding the deep historical continuity of an urban area, it is then necessary to model the material transformations in time and space considering this cause and effect relationship, material transformation-enduring impact, mapping not a single event of change, but the urban transformation as a dynamic phenomenon.

To this end, two distinct Light Archaeology applications were developed, respectively devoted to mapping the material transformation of an urban environment (Millennium Square Diagram or ‘MSD’) and of particularly relevant buildings or architectural complexes (Stratigraphic Observatory Analysis).


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